About Us

Our Motto

We launched this company at the beginning of 2020. We aim to give students an idea about recent trends and technologies. The name StudTeach is inspired by the idea of teaching students by the Students. Our idea is to spread awareness among the students and help them learn something new in today's growing world. Eventually, improving education will lead to a better future in our country. We organize events and workshops to help students build some hands-on projects and develop their practical skills. We aim to give knowledge to students in a fun and easy way so that they can easily learn it and implement it in the real world. We are motivated by an idea to contribute to the future of our country


Reviews of our past experiences given by some top notch people. We are thankful to them for giving us an opportunity. This means a lot to us.

You are doing great job for the students by teaching and spreading awareness regarding new technologies. Your success and achievements is a result of hardwork and sincere devotion.

Dr. Jivraj Chauhan

Dy. Mayor of Vadodara Municipal Corporation

It was a great experience for the students at our school. They are thankful to you for organizing this workshop. Students enjoyed your sessions and learned a lot of new stuff.

Eslin Watson

Principal of Thomas School

Message from our Founder

The implementation of technology in schools or university helps close that gap. Technology can enhance relationships between teachers and students. Technology helps make teaching and learning more meaningful and fun. Students are also able to collaborate with their classmates through technological applications. Struggling is a part of learning. If it can be easily implemented or just copied then you’re probably not learning anything. You are capable of anything. StudTeach will help you on